Back to a Local Lens

My last post for FoodTV went live on Friday, capturing a recent meal I had at Syphay.

I decided to discontinue writing for the site, not because it wasn’t fun, but because I found it really difficult to find topics that would be appealing or relevant to a national audience – if one was interested in the local food scene, why not simply read a local food blog? All towns and cities have interesting restaurants and shops to offer, but unless it is pushing a trend, or is truly unique in some way, I know I personally wouldn’t take the time to read an article about another city’s establishments unless I would be traveling to that particular place in the near future.

As such, with the exception of this week’s post, I did my best to expose a few of Edmonton’s gems with my posts – the flagship Sobeys Urban Fresh, the city’s oldest farmer’s market, tea service at the historic Rutherford House and local roaster Transcend.

Best of luck to my fellow FoodTV contributors who are continuing with the blog – it was great to be connected momentarily to a larger community of like-minded individuals.

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