Thanksgiving 2008

Mack and I were extremely fortunate that we were able to have not one, but three Thanksgiving dinners this year! Best of all, there was very minimal cooking required of us, as our only food contribution this weekend was in the form of basic mashed potatoes.

First, Jane was hosting a small gathering at her apartment, for which we prepared the potatoes.

Mack is ready to mash and roll

Jane and Yi-Li deserve many accolades for their first-ever turkey. It turns out they had cooked the bird breast-down, which may have been one of the reasons why the meat – both dark and white – turned out so moist. While there was a lot of other food to choose from, including vegetable soup, sweet potatoes and salad, the turkey was the definite star.


At the table

My plate

Mack using chopsticks to eat pumpkin pie

Night two was at the Haights’, Mack’s grandparents on his Mum’s side. The table setting was beautiful, and almost every piece of china matched, including the bowl that held the mashed potatoes. At this dinner, like at Jane’s, there was also more food than anyone could finish, from steamed carrots from the garden to ham and perogies.

Dinner table

Cute napkin holder

My plate

Homemade apple pie (using apples picked by Mack’s Uncle)

The best treat that night was getting to see the adorable Peanut and Skippy again.

Tonight, my Mum prepared an “Asian Thanksgiving” – no turkey, but a few dishes including my absolute favourite – sweet and sour pork.

Sweet and sour pork (yum!)

I hope you all had a great holiday as well. Mack’s photo set is here.

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2008

  1. Wonderful-looking food. I don’t have a girlfriend this thanksgiving around, so I was only able to get in on one dinner, but it was certainly one of the best I’ve had in years.

  2. I agree, the food looks wonderful. My girlfriend and I were actually at T&T this weekend when we both mentioned we want to treat our friends to something like an “asian thanksgiving”. Your pictures confirm this is something we definitely need to do.

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