Old Country Golf at Whitemud Amusement Park

Mack and I decided to take advantage of a warm September evening by playing a round of mini-golf at the Whitemud Amusement Park (Whitemud Drive & 75 Street). While I had been on the go-karts before, I had never actually tried my hand at their golf course.

Old Country Golf

The designers of the park actually managed to squeeze 18 holes into the small space, making us feel like the game was more worth the $7 fee.



Though Mack wanted more challenging holes by the end (all holes were placed in a straight line from the tee), it was understandable in the context of the all-ages, family-friendly facility.

Mack putting

I have to admit the course was a bit more challenging for me than for Mack

We decided to keep score half way through, and well, I could probably use a second go-around.

Our final scores

Despite my poor showing, mini golf was fun. But by the way Mack was eyeing the go-karts, we may be back to Whitemud Amusement Park before cooler weather prevails.

The complete photo set can be viewed here.

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