It’s All About the Fries: Costco

Costco, besides being a mecca for those embroiled in the “SUV culture” (a term Mack taught me just recently), is also a source of irresistibly cheap and delicious carnival food. While their selection isn’t deep (though as of late, they have added both Montreal smoked meat sandwiches and BBQ ribs onto their menu), what they do sell is of colon-sticking good quality.

My default treat is the quarter-pound all-beef hot dog and pop (just $1.99). Even though that amount could buy four hot dogs at Ikea, there is something about a Costco dog (more grease = heartier?) that hits the spot in a way that only inexpensive junk can.

Mack’s pick (and mine, if there are more forks to feast than mine alone) are the fries ($2.15). Deep fried to crispy perfection, they win, hands-down, my award for best fries in the city. While I choose to dunk them in ketchup, Mack claims they are good enough to be eaten unadorned.

Fries and a hot dog from Costco

Though the poutine looks tempting, I would advise avoiding it. The gravy is never hot enough to fully melt the cheese, so one ends up with a styrofoam box filled with fries, gravy and large chunks of cold mozzarella.

The only downside of Costco is the unfortunate need for a membership. But if you enjoy cheap food as much as we do, it’s almost worth the annual fee.

2616 91st Street (2 others in Edmonton)
(780) 577-1200

6 thoughts on “It’s All About the Fries: Costco

  1. Oh I looooove the poutine there, but was rather put off when I saw the measuring cup they used to dole out the cheese curds (did I just eat 250 mL of cheese!?!?)

    You can get the hot dogs from their cold case (where the big blocks of cheese and the pre-made sandwiches are). They’re even better at home on the BBQ.

    The chicken bake is the scariest-looking thing on the menu there. I don’t know anyone who’s ever had the guts to try it!

  2. The pizza’s all right. Not an every day thing though.

    I didn’t know the hot dogs were available for take-home sale. I do know their fries are, and if you have a deep fryer at home, you can get them crisp to the point where they taste exactly like cafeteria-bought. Just not worth the hassle for me :).

  3. I didn’t know any of the food there was available to take home! I have a feeling it would always just be better in store.
    I must confess, I’ve tried the chicken bake (I shared!) and it almost stopped my heart with it’s ranch and bacon goodness. Not something to repeat too many times. I AM an advocate of the poutine, though!

  4. I disagree with you about Costco’s fries being the best in the city. They are coated and coated fries, as a rule, just plain suck. And what are they coated with?

    I can’t tell you who has the best fries, but any coated fry just shouldn’t be considered. It’s an affront to nature and to the great tradition of hand-cut fries.

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