Not Worth the Trip: Three Amigos

On a quest to find Mexican that would duplicate the cuisine she fell in love with in California, May has been to seemingly every Latin American eatery in Edmonton. I went along for the ride on Thursday, where she was finally able to test Three Amigos (4035 106 Street), nonchalantly tucked away in a Duggan strip mall.

Primarily known for take-out, the tiny space was packed when we arrived at 6pm. Thankfully, by the time our food was ready, the crowd has dissipated, likely chased away by the sweltering dead heat in the place – I could only wonder how hot it was in the kitchen. A take out bar/order assembly area took up the majority of the space, with five cramped tables situated against the free walls. Handwritten signs above the counter detailed the menu, accompanied with photos of prepared dishes for those unfamiliar with the cuisine. Many of the typical “Western” favourites were available, including flautas, empanadas, tamales, nachos and quesadillas, priced from $5.99 (without sides). In preparation for a week of Fringe site gluttony, I shied away from the very tempting deep-fried items in favour of the enchilada ($12.99, served with refried beans and Mexican rice).

The wait for our food was agonizingly long – and probably felt longer because of the temperature of the room, and the stress of watching the clock tick down closer to curtain time of the show we were due for. Thankfully, the cool drinks we picked up from the cooler (May a $2 Papaya Pineapple juice, and I a $2.49 strawberry Jarritos, an imported Mexican soft drink) helped relax our wait somewhat.

Jarritos and Papaya Pineapple juice

When our orders were up, presented on plastic plates with disposable cutlery on the side, we were more than ready to chow down. Because they had run out of chicken, the server asked if we would mind a substitution of steak for one order, and of course we didn’t – the more variety, the merrier. Thus, each of us were able to try two types of meat fillings. Unfortunately, the steak was too salty, and quite difficult to cut with a plastic knife (perhaps they could have actual silverware for those planning to eat in?). The chicken enchilada was much better, and I did enjoy the creamy rich mole sauce covering both wraps.


In the end though, May rated Three Amigos below other similar establishments in Edmonton (El Rancho, Acajutla, Mexico Lindo, in descending order), and likely won’t make the trip back again. I agreed – for the price, the interior, and the food, Three Amigos isn’t worth the trip.

Three Amigos
4035 106 Street NW
(780) 490-6394
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 11am-9pm, Wednesday 11am-8:30pm, Friday 11am-10pm, Saturday 12pm-9:30pm, Sunday 1-8pm

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