Sweet Potato Goodness: Dadeo

Between my last visit to the Whyte Avenue favourite Dadeo (10548A 82 Avenue) and brunch there on Sunday, it seems the folks behind the diner opened a second location out in Vancouver. Good for them.

Most often recognized for their sweet potato fries, the low-key, relaxed atmosphere, smooth blues soundtrack, and fun decor such as vivid red booths and tabletop jukeboxes are also worth mentioning.


We were met with a modest gathering outside of the restaurant before the doors opened at noon. We took our time with the Cajun and Creole-inspired menu, and though the Southern fried chicken and gumbo were tempting, we all ended up ordering a Po’Boy (their version of a sandwich, served on a French loaf with coleslaw and a choice of side). Priced between $10-11, it was an easy decision to pay an additional $1 to upgrade our sides to sweet potato fries.

Like the time the bearer of coffee at Nellie’s tortured us with the visual of a full coffee pot, it was a clear half hour of seeing other people’s dishes waltz by our table before our own plates were delivered. A small biscuit topped with jalapeno jelly could only satiate each of us for so long.

Biscuits and jalapeno jelly

Thankfully, the food was ultimately worth the wait. The pulled pork in my po’boy was tender and flavourful, the meat’s juices complimented with a sweet BBQ sauce. Mack’s breakfast po’boy looked and tasted like an egg scramble on bread, which didn’t turn out to be an unsatisfying way to start out the day. The crown jewel of our meal was indeed the sweet potato fries – whatever spicy, salty seasoning they use to finish the golden pieces really elevate them beyond what they are – battered and fried root vegetables.

Our po’boys

Pulled Pork Po’Boy

Breakfast Po’Boy

One of Whyte Avenue’s best deals can be found at Dadeo on Monday and Tuesday. Forget pasta frenzy at Chianti’s – head to the cool diner for po’boys on special for just $8 – and remember to upgrade your fries.

10548A 82 Avenue
Monday to Saturday 11:30am-11pm, Sundays noon-10pm, closed Wednesdays

2 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Goodness: Dadeo

  1. I love Dadeo’s – do try the fried chicken some time – it was incredibly crispy without being greasy at all. I also love the quick and comfortable level of service at Dadeo’s (despite your coffee refill experience!). Such a cool little place.

    If you haven’t tried Louisiana Purchase downtown yet, you should! I was under the incorrect impression that it would be really expensive there. Haven’t been to the Jambalaya nights on Monday & Tuesday yet (http://www.louisianapurchase.ca/events.html), but have had two very good meals there. The fritters come with corn syrup which is super different and tasty.

  2. I tried the pulled pork sandwich as Brewsters and it also comes with sweet potato fries and coleslaw with apple in it for $12. But I think I’ll have to try this place to compare!

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