For the Kid in All of Us: Chuck E. Cheese’s

Fortuitously ending up with a bit of time to kill before Get Smart, Mack and I walked to the Chuck E. Cheese’s (14231 137 Avenue) situated next to the North Common Cinemas. He was hoping that the funhouse would already be closed, sparing him from having to participate in amusements himself, but unfortunately for him, they are open until 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays (I guess kids don’t have such early bedtimes anymore).

For a mere $10, we filled a small plastic cup with 30 tokens, more than enough for a few rounds of skee ball and then some. While we gave several of the games a try, including air hockey, soccer, basketball (my second favorite game) and car racing (badly in need of a Purell stand next to it), we ended up spending most of our tokens on skee ball. I’m not sure who the ultimate winner was, but boy was it a lot of fun.

Mack shooting!


Mack racing! (and having fun in spite of himself)

Playing skee ball

We ended up racking up 191 tickets, barely enough for two necklaces. Of course, it wasn’t about the prize – it was how we earned it.

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