One Month with WordPress

It’s been one month since I made the switch from Blogger to WordPress, and the transition has been a bit of a mixed bag.

I think I still need some time to get used to the layout of the WordPress Dashboard, even for doing simple things like viewing and editing posts, but for the most part, the differences haven’t been too jarring. I also like the ability to have access to statistics on traffic and post views (and see, with amusement, some of the search terms that people have used to navigate to my blog – some on purpose, some by accident, such as “steve miranda eat noodles on the floor”). Lastly, the plugins that Mack helped me install when he initially set up this new site are a WordPress bonus as well.

Some things I’m not so amused with are the means by which categories are added or modified (I find typing so much faster than having to scroll down a very large list), and the inconvenience of having to log in twice to view my stats page (once into my admin, and once into WordPress itself). There’s also the very big problem of not being able to include spaces between paragraphs, resulting in my immediate download and reliance on Windows Live Writer. Live Writer has been great, but with Blogger, I never had to use an external program just to compose posts.

Since it has only been a month, I’m sure there are other quirks – both good and bad – that I will discover in the next few weeks.

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