Things I Love

Window displays

The Globe & Mail


My el-cheapo shoes that not only survived three weeks in Europe but also two years with a known shoe-killer

Chinese take-out shaped boxes

Working within walking distance of the downtown core

Poutine from Route 99

Card shopping

Spring greenery

6 thoughts on “Things I Love

  1. Are you reading my blog? Haha, because I wrote a post like this on May 31 sans pictures.

  2. Love the new layout Sharon! I started subscribing to the G&M and love it! Where do you get Chinese take out boxes looking like that?! I’m eating at the wrong Chinese food places …

  3. Great minds think alike, Shermie!

    Heh, the take-out box was from Le Papier; I bought it to house a cupcake to give as a gift, actually :).

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