Quick as Atalanta: Opa Souvlaki

Looking for a quick pre-show dinner, Mack and I headed to Opa Souvlaki (8209 104 Street). May had good words to say about this chain, so I was excited to see if their food lived up to the expectations.

I’m not sure I’m totally sold on the design of the restaurant – the order counter is right by the door, potentially creating a logjam of patrons on busy days – but I can see how the friendly and engaging employee used it to his advantage, warmly greeting customers immediately as they entered Opa.

Mack and I surveyed the menu board above, and decided to order a Souvlaki Pita each ($4.99, 50cents extra for feta cheese). We had the choice of chicken, lamb pork, gyros, or fava, and we both opted for chicken. Mack also wanted to try their version of calamari ($4.99 for a side order).

Two pitas and two chicken skewers were placed on the grill, and once warmed through, we moved down the assembly line to have our wraps customized with tzatziki, tomatoes, onions, and jalepenos. The calamari was freshly fried, tossed with salt and pepper and garnished with diced red onions.

We sat down at one of the handful of tables to savour our supper. The calamari was nice – crispy, light batter adorning rather large pieces of squid, it beat out similar dishes offered at more supposedly “high end” restaurants (Mr. Mike’s comes to mind). Secondly, the pita was great – haunted by memories of too much lemon at parsley, I was pleasantly surprised to find the tzatziki only mildly herby. The sauce complemented the tender chicken well, and supplemented with bites of fresh vegetables, made for a comfortably filling dish.

Inexpensive, efficient, and tasty, Opa Souvlaki provides a solid option for fast food on Whyte.


Pita assembly station


Souvlaki Pita with Chicken

One thought on “Quick as Atalanta: Opa Souvlaki

  1. I love Opa! so much. The pita bread you can get on the side is delicious (though loaded up with what I assume is an unhealthy, salt-filled seasoning), and I always feel like the souvlaki platter is a really good amount of food that doesn’t look or taste like fast food.

    Also the man at this particular one was very friendly. Made going to it really nice. I’ve been to both of the WEM locations and the food was exactly the same (as expected). I’m looking forward to more locations throughout Edmonton though, as WEM and Whyte Ave are the only ones (or they were the last time I checked).

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