Random Notes

  • Mack posted about this last week, but Zagat has been put up for sale. While I don’t think the expansion of the Michelin guides to North America poses that much of a threat to the empire Zagat has built in the United States, it might not be a bad idea for the brand to add dimensions or services in order to attract new followers.
  • There’s a good interview with the purveyors of Leva Cafe at the Original Fare site. Speaking of Original Fare, most of the menus for the upcoming Fork Fest have finally been released (someone needs to demand more prompt information delivery; the event started today without all restaurants submitting menus), and The Blue Pear looks like the best bet. Their tasting menus are normally priced at $85, so $35 is a steal.
  • Since wringing my hands with the coat check tipping question, I decided to look into it, and came across this New York Times article. It seems the standard is $1 per article (coat, bag, umbrella), though judging by the comments, not everyone agrees with this suggestion.
  • Anna and I are planning to attend the upcoming Fringe Town Hall, taking place in the Arts Barns on January 28. While we both don’t feel the need to share our opinions on the changes that took place at last year’s festival, we’re hoping to see some theatre play out on stage – artists vs. the Artistic Director.
  • Mack and I made a quick stop at the giant Stanley Cup situated in the parking lot of United Cycle last week. It felt beyond tourist-y to pose for photographs, but it was also too cool to pass up.

Mack and Stanley

Me with Stanley

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