Back from New York!

Clearly, this is backdated, but I wanted to optimistically introduce what I hope will be a series of posts covering my trip to the Big Apple. I wasn’t so successful with blogging the details of my sojourn to Europe this summer (I made it to Day 4), but I will do my best to recount all of the sights that Mack and I had the privilege to see over the past week.

In sum, I had a wonderful time. I have wanted to visit New York for as long as I can remember, and I can honestly say that the city did not disappoint me. There is just too much diversity in a city the size of New York to see in six days (we left the boroughs virtually untouched, as well as most of the eclectic neighbourhoods like SoHo and Greenwich Village), but I think we did a fairly good job of covering both the tourist-must-sees and sampling some of the more local-oriented sites. I hope I will be able to return soon!

Happy reading!

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