Office Party at Sutton Place

As per tradition, my colleagues and I gathered at the Sutton Place Hotel downtown for our annual Christmas party.

I remember having fond memories of last year’s luncheon, but that was likely because I didn’t have a hand in it and was allowed to simply enjoy the experience. This year, I volunteered to be on the planning committee, as I thought it would provide me with an opportunity to take a break from day-to-day work life. As it turned out, due to many seemingly last-minute adjustments, the party planning took on a life of its own.

The majority of my stress was associated with the holiday game my workmate Meghan and I were in charge of creating. A hybrid of Jeopardy and Cranium (Jeonium?), we did our best to escape the points model by awarding pieces of a puzzle instead. Thus, “Operation Rudolph” was born, with two groups of winners chosen – the team who could first obtain all twenty pieces, and the team who could most quickly put the puzzle together. While the competition was fierce, it seemed everyone ultimately enjoyed themselves, and our efforts were appreciated.

As for the buffet – the price per head increased to $28.50, but it was still well worth it. The roast beef in particular was very good this year, as was the salmon drenched in saffron butter sauce.

While I am relieved that the party (and the planning) is over, I am sure that in hindsight, I will appreciate the experience as a whole.

My first and only plate

One of the completed Rudolph puzzles

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