Lodging in New York

After some research, I learned that there really isn’t a *good* time to go to New York – there are less busy seasons, sure (January – March being one of them), but because of a diminishing number of available rooms (converting to condominiums is apparently all the rage for hotel properties) and hoteliers taking advantage of visitors’ deeper pockets (due to the comparably low U.S. Dollar), rooms are routinely $250 more than other American cities. Add a 13.625% tax and a $3.50/night occupancy fee, and anything that may have been affordable becomes less so very quickly. Of course, choosing to go during the peak holiday December rush doesn’t help a frugal mindset, but to see New York at Christmas will be worth the extra expense.

Though friends did their best to suggest lodging possibilities, what’s reasonable in slower seasons doesn’t hold true for the rest of the year. However, with some digging, I came across the Pod Hotel, a newly renovated establishment named after their small, space-saving suites, and the inclusion of an iPod docking station in each room. With stellar comments on TripAdvisor with regards to their cleanliness, great location (situated just one block from a Metro station in Midtown Manhattan), free WiFi to satisfy all of Mack’s blogging needs, and a en-suite bath for less than $200 a night, including taxes, we had found a winner. The trendy, young, and hip vibe I get from the hotel (and a fabulous view from the rooftop patio on the fourteenth floor) are just happy bonuses.

For future reference, setting aside hostels and sublet apartments in favor of comfortable and more traditional accommodations, here are a few other properties worth noting for your next trip to New York. While I can’t personally vouch for them, based on TripAdvisor comments, travel guide recommendations, and a budgetary bracket of approximately $150 a night for two persons, this short list may be a place to start:

I’m counting down the days!

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