Culinary Q & A with Thelma

What did you eat today?

In the morning I had an apple and some water….very bad for a pregnancy diet eh! I also had a bagel, then turkey, mashed potatoes, and greens for dinner

What do you never eat?

Ceasar dressing; very wierd taste plus I believe it takes etxtra care to make the best tasting ceasar dressing, which I’m yet to taste.

What is your personal specialty?

Our staple food from Zimbabwe which is Sadza- corn meal based paste molded solid some people prefer it very soft so it depends who’s eating. The best closest comparison would be polenta. It is ususally served with stews i.e beef, prok, chicken, fish, beans, with some greens such as collards, cabbage; there is a wide variety of veggies to choose from and bottom line is the sky is the limit with what you eat sadza with.

What is your favorite kitchen item?

my wooden spoons

World ends tomorrow. Describe your last meal.

My mother’s sadza with fried collards with onions, free run chicken or goat stew, buttermilk, fresh from my uncle’s cows or what we call lacto which is the warehouse manufactured and purified version of buttermilk, sugar bean stew

Where do you eat out most frequently?

Sadza and its varieties

What’s the best place to eat in Edmonton?

So here comes the big question, I actually would combine certain dishes from each place I’ve visited to make the best meal. I take the garden salad from Olive Garden and those darn bread sticks. Then some lamb from Gini’s place, blooming onions from the Outback.I’m not much of a sweet tooth so anything goes for dessert with the exception of brownies and any of these creamy desserts.
Ok truth is I don’t know maybe olive garden or the outback so far

If you weren’t limited by geography, where and what would you eat?

The best place I’ve ever eaten is Ted’s Montana grill in the US oh! Lord have mercy that place is heaven. I wish they would invest their business here in Edmonton I know people will love it. Everything is made from scratch in their kitchens which happen to have an open layout so you can sit and watch the chefs as they whip their magic.
This restraunt is rapidly expanding in eastern, central and southern states so if you happen to be around these take some time to check it out or visit here.

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