Ripped Off and Ticked Off: Wok Box

After a valid but ultimately failed attempt at catching a play at the Arts Alive! Festival in the afternoon (there’s always next year), Mack and I killed time in the downtown core, and ended up at Wok Box (10119 Jasper Avenue) for dinner.

I’ve been to the franchised takeout restaurant twice before, and after finding the fare extremely overpriced, I vowed not to return unless equipped with a coupon. Luckily, I just purchased an Entertainment Book containing a Wok Box coupon, so with a 2-for-1 mentality in mind, we saddled up to the counter to order.

But rebuffed, we were. The employee mentioned something about the store not being consulted before the address was printed on the back of the coupon, and couldn’t accept it. Because we had a show to get to in less than an hour, Mack and I sucked it up and ordered the teriyaki chicken stir fry and butter chicken (Violet’s recommendation). The bill was over $21.

Thankfully, our wait wasn’t too long (unlike my other experiences), and though the novelty of eating out of a “Chinese” take-out box still tickles me somewhat, I recognize the inflated cost of fanciful packaging. In the end, my butter chicken was all right (the sauce was rich and tasted great with the rice), but without a side of vegetables, was a fairly dense meal, and was not worth what we paid for it.

Take-out boxes are cute, but cannot make-up for the restaurant’s small portions and mistaken advertising. I’d choose a Chinatown establishment over Wok Box any day.

Mack “smiles” with his Wok Box order
Teriyaki chicken, butter chicken and “naan bread” (looking pretty unappetizing)

9 thoughts on “Ripped Off and Ticked Off: Wok Box

  1. Why aren’t these photos on Flickr?!and in the third paragraph, I think you mean “accept”, not “except”.

  2. Always policing grammar, aren’t you? But thanks.None of my “restaurant review” pictures are on Flickr yet…I’ll get there someday :).

  3. The butter chicken was good but you’re right about not having veggies with it. I saw them put the bread in a toaster and one time the girl burnt it and still served it. Sorry to hear it wasn’t the greatest meal. They do give you lots of food though!

  4. I worked for Wok Box for a couple of weeks before quitting when the owner – who is only in it for the money – was verbally abusing staff, and pestering the customers while they tried to eat. Every 5 minutes he would check the till to see if he was making enough money, and if he wasn’t, he would take it out on the employees, as if we were doing something wrong to not make him more money. He was the kind of guy who pulls you off a job he told you to do, then yells at you for not finishing it. His family owns several Wok Boxes throughout BC, and I will never ever give that franchise another dime, in hopes to see it crumble to the ground.

  5. At our Christmas social today, we had Wok Box catered for lunch — it was disgusting. The Shanghai noodles and rice tasted more like Elmer’s glue than anything. I would *never* eat there again. To think that these people are advertising this food to be “Chinese” food…. absolutely disgraceful!

  6. With the number of negative comments people have passed along to me about Wok Box, I have to wonder who it is out there that sustain and grows the business.

  7. Ihave eaten at three different Wok Boxes and tried many differerent menu items. The service in all locations was great. One in Victoria was a little slow as they had just opened for the day and were not fully prepped yet. I found some of the stirfries a little heavy on the sauce but next time I just asked for less. No problem. The Courtenay store is excellent. Will continue to go whenever I pass through. I like the atmosphere and it is convenient.

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