Anticipatory Stage: Edmoton’s 2007/2008 Theatre Season

This month, several new productions will be premiering in the city, so now is a good time as any to tally the shows that I am looking forward to this year.

  • Catalyst Theatre‘s second Edmonton run of its Sterling Award-winning Frankenstein (February 2-24). Be sure to get your tickets early for this one.
  • Edmonton Opera‘s second show of the season, HMS Pinafore (February 2, 5, 7). Why opera? Because Stewart Lemoine is recrafting the classic. Reason enough for me!
  • Shadow Theatre‘s remount of the Fringe hit Between Yourself and Me (May 29-June 16). I’m not sure who will be playing the male lead, but Jocelyn Ahlf will be great in the role of Amy.
  • Studio Theatre‘s What the Butler Saw (November 1-10) and While We’re Young (February 7-16).
  • Roxy Theatre‘s A Beautiful View (September 20-October 7), featuring Caroline Livingstone and Davina Stewart, and the infamous Famous Puppet Death Scenes (February 14-March 2).
  • Last but not least – whatever’s on the playbill for Teatro La Quindicina. Their season will not begin until the spring, so the specific schedule has yet to be released, but I’m sure to be there for at least their Lemoine remount and premiere for the year.

I encourage you to take a chance on theatre!

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