TV Notes

  • By the end of summer, I get so used to being without appointment television that I can already feel the regret when I return to my old ways come the onslaught of season premieres. There is one show I am currently watching on a regular basis, however – The Hills season 3 began airing a few weeks ago. Three episodes in, I do think Spencer is being edited somewhat unfairly, and is not being given the opportunity to respond to the questions he has been asked in certain scenes. Of course, with his immature outburst about Lauren at the close of “Meet the Parents,” I don’t pity him too much. TelevisionWithoutPity has started to recap the show, if anyone is interested (as much as I enjoy The Hills, I can’t imagine having to summarize it).
  • Prison Break premieres its third season on September 17, but I was able to watch quite a bit of the first episode already (unfortunately, the video doesn’t seem to be available any longer). It looks promising, but not as nail-biting as when the characters are on the run.
  • A show I stumbled upon this summer is The Next Food Network Star. Besides featuring all of my favorite television chefs (Giada! Bobby!), it provides viewers with a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how multi-faceted the cooking personalities have to be. They’re down to the final four.

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