Where Fish Come to Fry: Brit’s Fish & Chips

I had heard that Brit’s Fish & Chips (11603 104 Avenue) served deep fried chocolate bars, but in addition to that (and probably why most people would visit), prepared authentic food that lived up to its name. On Friday, I gave it a try.

The set-up is very casual, with an order counter, a giant menu tacked up on the wall behind it, and cushioned folding chairs. The Brits logo is plastered throughout the restaurant, though for such a small establishment (with only one other location), it’s a little odd a branding force is in play at all. Still, the furnishings are comfortable, and the decorative kitsch of rustic signage actually works to create a welcoming atmosphere.

I ordered a one piece cod meal combo, which came with a drink and my choice of side (mushy peas in this case). The fish was likely freshly prepared, which explained the short waiting period. When the food arrived, I dug into the peas, only to discover they tasted like rehydrated lentils, and not fresh peas. It was my mistake in assuming the dish would be otherwise. The fish, on the other hand, was very good, with a light coating of fried batter that wasn’t too dense or oily. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the chips, which were a tad too heavy for me (I prefer my fries crisp).

Brit’s shuts down early, at 9pm (I had to wonder if it had to do with a lack of lighting sources in the dining room), so go early for their catch of the day.

Cod and chips with mushy peas
Two piece cod and chips

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