Film: “Ratatouille”

I finally saw Ratatouille this weekend (seems 9:30pm is a good time to go if you’re looking at avoiding the under-12 crowd).

Like most Pixar films, the ‘follow your dreams’ message was inherent, as well as a reinforcement of the importance of family. Still, despite Remy being very cute, and the romance of the animated Paris cityscape, this is a weak addition to the Pixar canon. I don’t want to ruin the movie for those who haven’t yet seen it, but for anyone who has watched a certain clip of a, erm, cleanliness-challenged fast food restaurant in America, one of the last scenes in Ratatouille will not ring so fantastical.

And if anyone was wondering what the ratatouille dish consists of – it’s a French stewed vegetable dish.

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