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I am not sure how this degenerated into a food blog, but I can’t stem the tide, so it continues…

Globe & Mail’s “Globe Life” section is dedicated to the culinary arts every Wednesday, featuring recipes from Canadian celebrity chefs such as Rob Feenie and Michael Smith, food trends, and national restaurant profiles (albeit with a bias towards the big three – Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver).

Today’s edition had two juicy stories:

  • Canadian cheese – Canada’s first ever production of di buffala mozzarella (cheese made from the milk of a buffalo) began recently. I’ve personally never tried it, but given the tastiness of its bocconcini relative, I’m sure its freshness can’t be beat.
  • Iron Chef, live – inspired by the popular television show, a new restaurant in Montreal will aspire to replicate the creativity and tension of Iron Chef right in front of customers. In Duel, diners will be asked to select a dish prepared by one of the two competing chefs, and vote on their favorites at the end of the evening. It’s an inspired concept.

There was also mention of a new “u-pick” farm. Traditionally reserved for fruits and vegetables, this concept has now lent itself to beef! That’s right, for about $3 a pound, a farm in Saskatchewan will let customers browse their cattle, select one of their liking, and have the meat butchered and sent over within a few weeks. Having never spent any time on a farm, I don’t know if I could deal with the process of actually choosing a cow to have it slaughtered. I’m not a vegetarian, but it’s definitely easier when you don’t have to look into the eyes of what you’ll be eating.

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