Food-Related Notes

  • See Magazine released their “Best of” results for 2007. The results are skewed towards independent eateries, as expected, but I’m a bit sad to see that Blue Plate Diner didn’t make the top three of any category. I disagree with the voting of Garage Burger and Barb & Ernie’s as Best Burger and Best Breakfast, respectively, but I had to laugh with the inclusion of “Tuxedo Cake” in the Best Dessert category (I guess it wasn’t clear to voters that editors were looking for a place noun and not a thing…)
  • Speaking of things, how cool is this modified-typewriter-turned-waffle-iron?
  • On that note, as seen in the Globe & Mail, how about a glass that literally leaves flowers in its place? (Not worth $30US each though, in my humble opinion.)
  • Via Eat Drink One Woman, I found out about the upcoming Gourmet Institute New York weekend retreat – two days of informative seminars, professional demonstrations, and of course, amazing food! Two sessions that caught my eye: “Eat the Web: Blogging’s Effect on the Food World” and “The Restaurateur Versus the Critic.”
  • Second Cup must have recently revamped their menu – their non-fat drinks are now prefaced with the word “skinny.” Really. I wonder how many guys would be caught dead asking for such a girly-sounding modification?

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