Off to Glutton-Land: Urban Diner

On Wednesday, after a rather tumultuous day at work, I joined Annie, Dickson and Mack for a round of comfort food at Urban Diner (12427 102 Avenue).

Probably my second favorite diner in the city (following, of course, Blue Plate), I quite enjoy the food and ambiance there. Typically more happenin’ on weekend mornings, the restaurant had a moderate number of customers when we were seated. Though I had initially craved their Diner Meatloaf, I was torn when I remembered they also had Fat Franks on the menu. Luckily, Mack agreed to split the latter dish with me, so off to glutton-land I went.
The food took longer than expected, which was likely a blessing in disguise, allowing me to build-up my appetite to accommodate a dish and a half. I was floored when our orders were delivered – the meatloaf was easily twice the size of Blue Plate’s offering (but with steamed, not grilled, vegetables – boo). Without tomato sauce to blanch the flavor, and the added pizzazz from the cranberry chutney and creamy mushroom gravy, I think I’ll have to admit that Urban Diner wins the meatloaf round of the “diner war.” The hot dog was also quite good; Mack wasn’t so impressed, but I found the char marks lent much flavor to the meat.
I can honestly tell you that although I thoroughly enjoyed my meals, I will never again order so much food: it turns out gluttony can be a form of self-punishment.
Restaurant interior
Diner Meatloaf
Hot Dog
Shepherds Pie
Fish ‘N Chips

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