It’s a Fashion Revolution: Uniform Sizing

I read an Associated Press article reprinted in the Edmonton Journal on Friday about a program women everywhere have been holding their breath for – standardized sizing across merchants.

“Spain’s government has reached an agreement with major fashion designers, including the owner of the Zara chain, to standardize women’s clothing sizes with the aim of promoting a healthier image. Designers such as Cortefiel, Mango, El Corte Ingles and Inditex, which owns Zara, agreed to take part in the program, which was announced Tuesday.

“The program, designed by the Health Ministry, will also prevent those companies from using window displays featuring clothes smaller than a European size 38 (10 in Britain, 8 in the United States). They will have five years to phase in the change.”

Imagine – shopping for yourself, or for loved ones, and not having to guesstimate sizes. And the end of the line for the “sizing up” marketing strategy, a tactic that exploits self-esteem shopping for those who marvel at their sudden ability to wear a smaller size.

I hope this movement hits North American shores soon!

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