2007 Ice on Whyte Festival

On Saturday afternoon, I headed to the 4th annual Ice on Whyte Festival.

Had I been better prepared with a hat and scarf to combat the wicked windchill that day, I would have stayed longer, but as it was, I snapped a few pictures and ran for indoor cover.

All of the carving competitions had taken place the weekend previous, so this weekend was a time for wanderers to marvel at the sculptures. In addition to the individual displays, there was a castle, and even an ice movie screen where films were shown every evening.

However, the crown jewel for me was the ice slide. For $1, I was given a small piece of plastic to sit on, and instructed to hug my legs at the top. I would blame my long wool coat and boots for what happened, but in reality, I am rather uncoordinated to begin with. Needless to say, I didn’t end up in a sitting position at the end, and even hit my head on the bottom. When I brought the board back to the slide creator, he deadpanned, “You are the worst slider I have ever seen,” and asked if I was okay. Yep, it was pretty embarrassing, but so much fun. If it had been warmer, I may have had another go.

This was my first time at the Festival, and next year, I’ll be sure to monitor the forecast to head out on a warmer day!

“Building Canada”

Unidentified sculpture

Ice castle

Slide of death

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