“The O.C.”: Cancelled

And another one of my shows bites the dust.

News surfaced yesterday that after four seasons, the pop-culture phenomenon, The O.C., will be airing its final episode on February 22. Although I was more affected by the cancellations of Ed and Everwood in years past, I will be sad to see this show off.

After the creative black hole that was Oliver and, well, most other Marissa-centered crises, the producers worked hard to get the show back up to Season 1-par this year, despite the death of the princess herself. The storylines have been great – being able to watch Ryan and Julie overcome their grief, Ryan and Taylor’s relationship blossom, and Ryan’s continued maturation (okay, you’ve got me there…I’d be satisfied with Ben Mackenzie in any shape or form). Even the very soap opera-esque appearance of Ryan’s dad this season was handled exceptionally well.

I will miss the Cohens and their merry band of friends.

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