Glenora Bed & Breakfast Inn

After work on Wednesday, I headed to High Street to finish some of my Christmas shopping. One stop I made was the Glenora Inn Bed & Breakfast. On the corner of 123 Street and 102 Avenue, it is located in a high traffic area, and I know that I’ve passed it by too many times to count.

Walking in, I was led up a winding flight of stairs to a small reception area on the second floor. I inquired about a gift certificate, and the clerk patiently explained how the packages worked, and pointed out the differences between the suites. She ended up even giving me a tour, and opened up a traditional B & B and small and medium studios for me to take a look.

I must admit, a part of me felt like I had been transported to Stars Hollow, the fictional town of Gilmore Girls, and location of Lorelai’s Dragonfly Inn. The Glenora was so quaint, charming, and friendly that I wanted to stay there.

I hope my gift recipients like the present, but at the very least, I’ve discovered another Edmonton treasure that I will make a point to return to.

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