Winter Wonderland at the Legislature

On a toque-optional night, a friend and I headed to the Legislature grounds to tour the holiday lights and decorations. Sadly, though I have been working in a building across the street for more than a year, I had never made the effort before Thursday to check it out.

Still, better late than never. We crossed over via the convenient pedway system, and found a beautiful spectacle. Away from the traffic, the festooned trees and the musical classics that streamed from mounted outdoor speakers made the square a world of its own. In addition to the Christmas lights, there were a few BrightNights displays and several lit ice sculptures, including a horse-drawn sleigh and a mini-version of the Legislature. People even took the time to build several snow people, hats and all.

I have never been to Central Park in New York, and I know Edmonton cannot compare, but the quaint charm of a quiet winter’s night beneath holiday lights is magical. I invite you to explore the Legislature grounds this Christmas.

The Legislature from afar

Snow family!

Horse ice sculpture

Legislature ice sculpture

Legislature steps (where Ed Stelmach was sworn in as the new premier-elect just hours earlier)

BrightNights skiers

Giant Christmas tree

Dickson with snowfriend

Me with snowfriend

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