Urban Diner

Just returned from brunch with a few of my girlfriends in celebration of a birthday. We went to Urban Diner (12427 102 Avenue), located in the upscale High Street district. I have been there for dinner on several occasions, but this was my first taste of their breakfast menu.

We went in without reservations, so we had to wait about twenty minutes for a table. Although the time went by fairly quickly, I would advise calling ahead to book a table, as there isn’t really a proper waiting area set up in the restaurant.

I love the feel of the place – the staff are friendly, the dining room is clean and bright, and the food is comfort-oriented. Above the cash counter hangs a chalkboard advertising their daily specials, ‘shakes, and wine; I think it’s a nice touch.

Besides coffee (a must!), I ordered the frittata (with sausage, bacon, spinach, portabella, peppers, tomatoes, leeks, swiss & mozza, served with Diner potatoes and toast). My friends chose the smoked salmon bennie (with basil pesto, roasted bell pepper, spinach, cheddar & cream, served with grilled French bread and Diner potatoes).

Given that the restaurant seemed especially busy, the food was quite prompt. I’m a sucker for novelties: the frittata arrived in its own mini cast iron pan! I’m not sure how many eggs they used, but I can say I was rather stuffed at the end of it. Still, I wouldn’t really call the dish a ‘frittata’ per se; it is more aptly termed ‘scrambled eggs and then some.’ I am also happy to report that thankfully, I did not taste the leek!

Urban Diner never disappoints; I highly recommend it for brunch or dinner!

The quaint view from the window

Smoked salmon bennie


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