“Laguna Beach” Renewed

It turns out that they will be shooting a fourth season of Laguna Beach. Via Laguna Beach Hook-Up, this article also notes that MTV admits that its current incarnation is failing to live up to the past seasons that cemented this “scripted reality” phenomenon.

I became enamored with Laguna earlier this year. The production values floored me – the artistically framed shots, emotionally-manipulative editing, and scene perfect music selections. To the untrained eye, the episodes could’ve passed for any show on the now-defunct WB network. But more than aesthetics, the melodrama that arose from carousel dating, back talk, and betrayals became terribly addicting.

Laguna, and its The Hills spin-off are definitely guilty pleasures of mine. I just hope that the last half of season 3 that has yet to air in Canada can make up for its poor showing thus far.

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