“A Very Sexy Party” at Eden Lilly

There was an intriguing invitation to something billed as “a very sexy party” in the latest Kerstin’s Chocolates newsletter I was sent last week. “A collective of likeminded business who like to have fun would like to invite you to share in something chic,” it went on. Among the businesses were Kerstin’s, Leva, Elegant Touches, To Be in Pictures, and Eden Lilly, where the party was to be held. Food and drink were to be expected, but beyond that, I didn’t know what to anticipate. Mack agreed to come with me, and off to Whyte Ave we went on Friday night.

I think the party was most interesting to me because the collective was outside of any established group, such as Keep Edmonton Original or Original Fare, but in my mind, was a great way to cross-promote each other.

When we arrived, we were greeted by someone at the door who checked our name off the guest list (150 people were anticipated, we were told later), and given two drink tickets. Cosmopolitans, wine, and beer were available, and we happily imbibed.

With my Cosmo

Eden Lilly was definitely not meant to house large groups of people for any lengthy period of time (the space was rather stuffy and humid by the end of our stay), but the organizers had done a great job in setting the atmosphere. A DJ had set up shop at the cash counter (which answered my question of whether or not we would be asked to buy anything), the lighting was perfect for a cocktail party, and beautiful flower arrangements were scattered on tables throughout the store.

The spread (containing a divine baked brie)

Kerstin’s had provided the chocolate for a self-serve fondue station, which involved dipping raisin bread into rich chocolate, then coating it with a choice of cocoa nibs. Yum!

Mack tests the fondue

We caught up with Roz from Eden Lilly later on in the night, and asked her what inspired the group to come up with such a unique event. She mentioned that customer appreciation was one factor, but also, as all of the businesses had similar goals (and likely similar clientele), that it was a good opportunity to host an event together.

Thanks to everyone involved for organizing a great party! I hope there are similar events in the future.