For More Than Just Sushi: Globefish

For our dinner selection in Calgary, I was pushing for Pulcinella, a Neopolitan pizzeria (similar to Famoso), but resolved that the decision would be a democratic one. I lost.

We ended up at Globefish, as my sisters and parents all put in their vote for sushi. As I rarely eat Japanese cuisine (and never sushi), I am not well-schooled in this category of restaurants, but by way of blogs and Fast Forward surveys, I had heard Globefish was popular. Using the powers of Google, we found the closest location to our hotel, and on our way, called to make sure they were open. While they didn’t accept reservations, their table availability looked good.

Oh how fast things change on a Saturday night – half an hour later, we arrived at the restaurant and faced a forty minute wait. Hungry, we considered bolting for the nearest recognizable chain, but figuring that most restaurants would be similarly flushed with the weekend rush, we stayed.

While in the waiting area, we perused the menu, and held ourselves back from defacing the autographed photos of Calgary Flames players on the wall. Among the sushi options were a Flames roll and yes, even an Iginla roll (a little counterintuitive though, no? As “flames” conjures images of cooked food).

The interior of the restaurant was simple but classy. Leather booths helped create a sense of privacy for dining parties (to the detriment of maximizing seating availability), and crystal chandeliers provided a chic accent normally not seen in Japanese restaurants.

My family at an opposite table (we opted to decrease our wait by sitting apart)

Time to linger with the menu prior to being seated meant we were ready to order straightaway. A perky waitress provided attentive service throughout the night, and the kitchen definitely helped speed things along – Globefish was darn efficient.

Mack and I both prefer things cooked, so skipped right over the sushi platters and onto the hot entrees. We eventually settled on an udon noodle bowl ($9.95) each – beef for me, and tempura for him. Mack, ever the calamari lover, couldn’t resist ordering a plate of their mentai version to start ($8.95).

Sushi platters were arriving haphazardly at my family’s table (as they were made), while our calamari zipped out to us in no time at all. Mack really enjoyed it, as the dish employed a seasoning zing not usually found in calamari.

Mentai Calamari

My beef udon bowl was good – the noodles had retained their requisite chew, while the broth was clear and not over-seasoned – but nothing special. Mack’s on the other hand – I had a serious case of dish envy after sampling some of his tempura. The batter was light, crispy, and enhanced whatever it enrobed – from the shrimp to zucchini, I was amazed that they were able to preserve the crispness and succulence of the vegetables, so didn’t blink before I regarded it as the best tempura I’ve ever had.

Beef Udon Noodle


My sisters and Mum enjoyed their sushi plates, and though I wanted more detail about why they liked their food so much, all I got was a response of “It was good.” Sigh.


Crunch & Munch Roll (prawn tempura, cucumber & tobiko roll wrapped with unagi & avocado)

Roll Combo (California roll, dynamite roll, spicy tuna roll)

Favourite Sushi Combo (tuna sushi, salmon sushi, California roll)

For a fast and satisfying meal, I’d heartily recommend Globefish – even if you aren’t into sushi.

326 14 Street NW (1 other location)
Calgary, AB
(403) 283-6555