Not Much of a Reward: Double Greeting Wonton House

After making it through our salsa classes, I figured we deserved a reward of some kind. Logically, we headed to Double Greeting Wonton House.


Situated in what Mack referred to as “the ghetto”, the restaurant was just a block away from where our classes were held, so it made sense to make the most of the neighbourhood we were in. The exterior (and the building’s rundown neighbours) weren’t promising, but a few people had told me good things about Double Greeting.

The fluorescent interior was brighter than I had expected to find, and dare I say cleaner as well. Multicolored handwritten signs papered the front counter, while a television tuned to Newsworld maintained the rapt attention of a few older patrons. I liked the wooden fixture that divided the room in half, though Mack couldn’t figure out why.

Yes, they’ve probably never replaced the fabric lining the booths…

We picked a booth near the back of the restaurant and mulled over the menus we were given – the selection was absolutely massive. We both laughed at the front page that read “today’s special”, which, given the laminated nature of the menu, was probably more like “everyday’s special”. That night, I was in the mood for small plates, and decided to choose a few dim sum items to make a meal. Mack said spring rolls were a must ($5.50 for 6), and I added on steamed BBQ pork buns ($3.75 for 2) and pan-fried pork dumplings ($7.50). To round out our dinner, Mack decided he had to try their ginger beef on rice.

The dishes came out at a fairly good pace, and our tea was refilled promptly, so I had no complaints about the service. The quality of the food was another thing, particularly because the prices reflected an amount very similar to other (better situated) Chinese restaurants. The best of the bunch were  the steamed pork buns, and even they weren’t that great – the diced meat wasn’t distinct, and the dough was more crumbly than fluffy. The spring rolls were nothing special, and the dumplings were depressingly tiny (Happy Garden’s dumplings are easily three times that size).

Steamed Pork Buns

Spring Rolls (they always get a thumbs up from Mack)

Pan-fried Pork Dumplings

The ginger beef on rice was the most disappointing of all – overly sticky and artificially sweet, Mack, the supreme lover of ginger beef, couldn’t even finish the plate.

Ginger Beef on Rice (angle inspired by are you gonna eat that)

Based on that visit, I likely wouldn’t return again, particularly when a ten minute walk would yield many more viable eateries in Chinatown proper.

Double Greeting Wonton House
10212 96 Street NW
(780) 424-2486
Sunday-Thursday 10am-12am, Friday-Saturday 10am-1am