Sharing the Breyers Love

A marketing company working with Breyers Ice Cream contacted me to ask if I wanted to sample three new flavours they launched this summer. The “bakery-inspired” Double Churn varieties include Dark Chocolate Velvet, Banana Cream Pie and Chocolate Cheesecake. I happily accepted, knowing my sisters would gladly join the tasting.

In addition to three full-value coupons, I also received a sharing kit complete with petite bowls, spoons, and a page of suggestions on how to share the love with ice cream. Though a few of the ideas were intriguing, including a banana cream bellini freeze (blend a scoop of banana cream pie ice cream with a quarter cup of peach nectar and a cup of ice) and ice cream shooters, I decided to share the love with our very own mix-in bar.

A trip to the bulk aisle of Save-On yielded gummy bears, dark chocolate M & Ms and vanilla Clodhoppers, perfect mix-ins for Double Churn Chocolate Cheesecake and Caramel Fudge Ice Creams. We had picked up Dark Chocolate Velvet on a different occasion, and though we did our best to locate Banana Cream Pie – visits to several retailers across the city were fruitless.

Breyers Caramel Fudge and Chocolate Cheesecake


With swirls throughout the box, Chocolate Cheesecake was the most eye pleasing. As I am not a fan of cheesecake, I appreciated that the cheesecake notes weren’t overpowering. My Mum in particular liked this flavour.

Ready to eat

Mack and Amanda leaned more towards the Caramel Fudge variety, enjoying the ribbons of caramel and chewy fudge pieces buried amongst the vanilla ice cream.


Amanda loves ice cream! (and her vintage Oilers sweatshirt)

My favourite was hands down the Dark Chocolate Velvet – I was a little afraid it would be too rich for my taste, but I think the extra creaminess and real cocoa helped temper the sweetness.

With my bowl of Breyers

We did find that the ice cream melted really quickly though – meaning that unless you tend to inhale food (*cough*Mack*cough*), you will be risking the emergence of a puddle before you’ve had a chance to savour your dessert. As well, although the ice cream was perfectly smooth and easy to scoop out of a freshly opened package, for whatever reason (including, perhaps, a too-cold freezer), it was rock hard on subsequent occasions.

I would buy the Dark Chocolate Velvet flavour in the future, particularly for a girls night in. Thanks Breyers for the samples!