Fall Photowalk

Greeted by a lovely autumn afternoon (there’s really nothing better than pilfering another warm day from the impending arms of winter), Mack and I decided to make the most of it outside, and took a walk. Though my intention was to lead us to Louise McKinney Park in the core’s east end, I didn’t think our meandering would last four hours! It really was a great opportunity to explore parts of the city and the valley I had never been to before, all documented on Mack’s camera.

Mack’s photo set is here, but the following are a few of my favourite shots:

Paul Kane Park (I love unexpected greenspaces downtown)

Path to Ezio Faraone Park

At the (Legislature’s) water’s edge


A nice little park

I heart gazebos (they always remind me of Stars Hollow)

Snack break at Starbucks

The view from the Shaw Conference Centre balcony


Louise McKinney Park (I’ve never been here before)


View from the end of the bridge

By the river

As these coming days may be the last few this year warm enough for a walk without bundling up, I encourage you to explore your neighbourhood – you never know what new favourites you’ll discover.