City Market Report: Week 12 (plus Cariwest!)

Were you awoken by the wicked storm last night too? There was so much water accumulating on 104 Street I was sure the City Market vendors would be setting up knee-deep in puddles. But the weather ended up surprising us, and the sun was actually out when we finally got up this morning. The bad news was, a fierce spell of wind tore through the area as the vendors were setting up this morning, and destroyed more than a few tents.


Going tent-less

Given the market’s third cultural festival was planned for today, it was even more imperative that the weather cooperate (especially since the Filipino Festival had terrible weather). We made sure to take in some of the dances at India Fest.

India Fest

Solo performance

India Fest

Loved the music!

We also filled up our shopping basket, though maybe not as much as last week when I went a bit overboard with produce that we are still trying to eat our way through.

Steve & Dan's

Strawberries from Steve & Dan’s

Sundog Organic Farm

Broccoli from Sundog Organic Farm

Sundog Organic Farm

Pattypan squash from Sundog Organic Farm

Greens, Eggs and Ham

Multicoloured carrots from Greens, Eggs and Ham


Radishes from Kuhlmann’s


Golden jubilee beets from Kuhlmann’s


Swiss chard from Kuhlmann’s

Riverbend Gardens

Dragon tongue beans from Riverbend Gardens

We also bought a BLTC (bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheddar) crepe from the Fork and Spoon Brigade for lunch. It was delicious! Crispy bacon makes everything better.

Fork and Spoon Brigade

BLTC crepe

We dropped off our groceries upstairs, and headed down to Jasper Avenue to take in some of the Cariwest parade. A few of us were joking that the organizers must be on Caribbean time, because the route was more than an hour late. But when it arrived, it did so with a bang!


Beautiful costumes

I love that it feels like one giant dance party, with those participating in the parade never afraid to share a beat with bystanders.



I made mention of it last year, and still feel like a prude doing so, but for a family-friendly event, some of the dancing was on the suggestive side – only worth saying because it’s often the Pride Parade that gets flack from the public, but in fact, is much more tame.


Mobile band


Go Councillor Henderson!

We didn’t stay for the entire parade because we had other plans for the afternoon, but it was fun to get a taste of the music and the energy. You can continue to enjoy the Cariwest festivities tomorrow, August 7, at Churchill Square.

Hope you had a good Saturday as well!

One thought on “City Market Report: Week 12 (plus Cariwest!)

  1. This year seemed very uneven to me in terms of coordination. There were blocks of dead space, then there would be three large dance groups all tripping over each other with their music competing in volume. Combine that with the cops in charge of coordinating traffic at Jasper and 100th (those buses were piling up) stopping floats instead of waiting for those giant dead spaces to open up traffic flow….it didn’t have the same sort of enthusiasm I’ve come to expect of the participants.

    We also had the exact same observation…one entire “float” consisted of speakers piled at the end of a large and otherwise empty flatbed with a couple of young girls grinding against them. It was at that point we shook our heads and went back inside.

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