Culinary Q & A with Allan Suddaby

Allan SuddabyOccupation: Cook at Jack’s Grill.

What did you eat today?

Breakfast: black coffee, a stalk of rhubarb, smoked gouda.  Lunch: wheat and bean salad.

What do you never eat?

I don’t understand the question.

What is your personal specialty?

Fresh sausages.

Complete this sentence: In my refrigerator, you will always find:

Preserves: jam, pickles, mustard, and the like.

What is your weekday meal standby?

Depends on the time of year, but vegetables from Tipi Creek Farm and fried potatoes are usually involved.

What is your favourite kitchen item?

A sharp knife.  Specifically a 10” French knife.  Other items that deserve mention: stainless steel pans, food mill, stand mixer.

World ends tomorrow. Describe your last meal.

Hot dogs with mustard and relish.  I can’t decided whether the buns would be toasted or steamed.  Served with braised cabbage and a glass of whole milk.

Where do you eat out most frequently?

A collection of pizza places around the university.  Notably Campus Pizza, Avenue Pizza, and the Garneau Pub.

Where’s the best place to eat in Edmonton?

It’s a toss up between Corso 32 and The Bauernschmaus.

If you weren’t limited by geography, where and what would you eat? Kevin Kossowan’s house.  I would order pork, mushrooms, apple wine, and charcuterie from his cellar.  Also I change my answer to the previous question to Kevin Kossowan’s house.

Allan blogs at Button Soup.

3 thoughts on “Culinary Q & A with Allan Suddaby

  1. Well, you won’t find hot dogs at Kevin Kossowan’s house! This is the second person to answer this question this way. Incredible! And, I agree. It is also my favourite place!
    Loved to read Allan’s answers. I really enjoy these post, Sharon!

  2. I’m a hot dog man too. We just had the first wiener roast of the summer last night. I always go horseradish, relish, Dijon. Anyone try the O Sol’ Meatos dogs?


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