Food Notes for September 12, 2011

Are you ready for What the Truck?! 2 this Friday? The menus are now up, so you can plan what to eat (or at least, how much to pace yourself that night). Hope to see you at 102 Street and Jasper Ave! On to this week’s food notes:

  • Big City Sandwich, a forthcoming food truck, will be taking over the kitchen, pop-up style, at The Bend Lounge on September 18. RSVP to sample some of their fare early!
  • Is it possible to dine out and help the Edmonton Food Bank at the same time? Yes – participating restaurants will be donating $10 for every $30 (up to a maximum of $60) spent during Yelp Eats, September 15-26, 2011.
  • I just found out that Yellowhead Brewery is serving food! Well, sort of. The kitchen doesn’t have official hours because they haven’t had many people come through the doors when they have been open, but it’s a bit of a chicken-egg thing, isn’t it? They said they will be open this Saturday from 11:30-2 (ish), but with a menu like this, I really hope they choose to adopt more regular hours!
  • Kerstin and her family will be travelling for a year, so Kerstin’s Chocolates will be run by Marianne Stover and Rachel Pereira in their absence.
  • Lots of good stuff in the Journal last week: they reviewed Vivo, a new-ish Italian restaurant on the west end; featured Tangle Ridge Ranch in Taste Alberta; wrote a profile about the lovely ladies behind La Fourchette; and captured Chris’s love of offal.
  • I like this approach by Slow Food chapters in the US – a challenge to make a good, clean and fair meal for $5, or, the average price of a fast food meal.
  • It will be interesting to see the ramifications of this deal play out, but Zagat was bought by Google this week.
  • I know Mack would love to be able to do this instead of actually cooking: consumers will be able to print out food in the future.
  • Almost forgot to share these amazing pictures of the Tomatina festival, a massive tomato food fight held in  Spain every year.
  • Speaking of tomatoes, ever wonder what sets apart true San Marzano tomatoes from the rest? Wonder no more.
  • Spotted the Alberta Avenue Farmers’ Market poster, and thought it was worth sharing. Simple, but eye catching.

Alberta Avenue

Alberta Avenue Farmers’ Market

  • After a screening at Garneau, Annie and I stopped at The Dessert House (8412 109 Street, 780-439-7789) for a drink. It was standing room only inside! Their menu was an encyclopaedia of hot and cold drinks and desserts. I ended up with the strawberry bubble tea (with passionfruit pop bobas), and enjoyed it well enough.

The Dessert House

Strawberry and papaya bubble teas

  • Mack and I took advantage of summer’s resurgence over the weekend to satisfy a poutine craving. The walk back home was very much needed after sharing the large.

La Poutine

Quebecois poutine from La Poutine

  • Unrelated to food, but so much fun I thought I’d share: to show solidarity with our Agency’s programs that address Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), we joined them in a flash mob organized to promote awareness of FASD Day on September 9. The dance itself (done to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”) was a bit of a gong show, but we had fun doing it, and people stopped in their tracks, so mission accomplished! Thanks to Mack for coming and taking pictures!

FASD Flash Mob

FASD Flash mob at Kingsway Mall

6 thoughts on “Food Notes for September 12, 2011

  1. I loved the Tomatina festival pictures – so funny! Looks like you’ve had a busy week 🙂 Did La Poutine change the shape of their serving containers? If yes, it might be time for another visit.

  2. Valerie – you’re probably right! I didn’t think of that…

    Courtenay – yes, I’m not sure when they changed the containers, but they are no longer round. Maybe people were asking for some sort of lid for take-out orders and this was just easier?

  3. I’m a frequent reader of your website. I’m not exactly a blog writer myself, but I love reading food blogs. I love that yours is based out of Edmonton and I thank you for that! Anyhow, I saw that you stopped by the Dessert House and I’ve actually been there a number of times. Mainly because the place looks cute and the food and drinks are pretty decent, but it’s always a really long wait…at least for my boyfriend and I. Did you ever come across that issue?

  4. I saw what seemed to be Bubba the King of BBQ’s trailer today on the east side of Gateway Boulevard just south of Superstore. There’s nothing on his Twitter feed about this but perhaps this location will be his new home.

  5. Meg – thanks for reading! I’ve only been to the Dessert House once, but yes, it did take a while for our drinks. We figured it was because of how packed it was though (and there were a few orders they had to make before ours). Hope they get into a groove in the next few months!

    Jim – thanks for the update – I can’t tell you how many people ask about Bubba’s! And no one will be more happy about this recent sighting than my Dad :). Please let me know if he opens officially!

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