City Market Report: Week 15

It was another gorgeous day at the City Market. One of those days when summer seems like it could go on forever, and makes you forget that warm breezes and patio nights are coming to a rapid end. Until that happens, I will be more than happy to revel in the sunshine along with other market patrons.

City Market

City Market revellers

I was set to volunteer for the Downtown Edmonton Community League booth this afternoon, so was able to get in about fifteen minutes of frantic shopping before my shift. Thankfully Mack was available to pick up the rest of the things on the list, and helped me snap some photos as well!

Steve & Dan's

Prunes at Steve & Dan’s

Steve & Dan's

Fruit basket at Steve & Dan’s


Swiss chard from Kuhlmann’s


Sea of beans at Kuhlmann’s


Corn at Kuhlmann’s


Vegetable marrow at Kuhlmann’s

Jen's Organic Garden

Green onions from Jen’s Organic Garden

Riverbend Gardens

Cauliflower from Riverbend Gardens

As for volunteering, it wasn’t much work at all: answering questions about community league membership benefits, catching up with old friends, meeting new residents. And by the end of the day, we sold about 40 memberships – not bad for the first day of our fall drive (DECL will be back at the market on September 10, 24 and October 8 if you want to pick up your membership).


Forming a very cheesy “I [heart] Downtown” with Chris and Scott

In other market news, I’m happy that the a winter venue has been secured, so that the transition from outdoors to indoors won’t skip a beat. The City Market will open in City Hall on October 15, 2011.

See you next week!

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