Food Notes for December 6, 2010

As much as I enjoyed the first season of The Walking Dead (a mere six episodes that it was), I was really hoping the writers would throw the audience a bone – count me in as a part of the camp that needs to know the history behind the Zombie Apocalypse. And now – we have to wait until Halloween 2011 to find out more? Good thing I have Top Chef: All Stars to tide me over, at least for a while (Go, Jennifer!). On to this week’s food notes:

  • Missed the recent Santa’s Anonymous Tweetup? Not to worry – another socially-conscious Tweetup benefiting Edmonton’s Food Bank is being held at Original Joe’s Varsity on December 17, 2010.
  • Local Public Eatery, a restaurant that is opening in the old OPM spot (1820 99 Street) in South Common on December 8, 2010, will have a gluten-free menu.
  • Congrats to Sergio, who opened La Monarca, a new Latin bakery at 4119 106 Street (780-218-9777) on December 1. Liane and Chris both wrote about it last week. All pastries are 2 for 1 until December 10!
  • Liane also wrote about a new downtown lunch spot called The Sequel Cafe (10011 102 Avenue, 780-425-9210), which should have opened today. Always great to have more non-fast food options in the core!
  • Lots of new around town lately – Culina’s outpost at the Muttart Conservatory opened on December 2.
  • Another big congratulations to Valerie and Maria, who launched their Taste Tripping culinary business recently. Love that they’re cheeky enough to offer a couples sausage making class for Valentine’s Day.
  • Andrea blogged about her order from the Organic Food Box – good to read about, as I was wondering what a typical order contained.
  • Great piece from Newsweek about the growing class division in America as expressed through the food that we eat.
  • You know food trucks are mainstream when…one of the networks builds a half-hour comedy around them.
  • Tea Fusion in Edmonton City Centre is now open (thanks, Chowdown!). I was told it was supposed to be a tea purveyor (like David’s Tea), and though they do sell loose teas, it looks like their focus is on drinks – both hot tea and bubble tea (menu here).

Tea Fusion

Tea Fusion

  • Oodle Noodle is now downtown (10842 Jasper Avenue)! We were amazed they opened on time, given they looked like they were very much in construction mode a few days earlier. It’s one of Mack’s favourite quick-serve restaurants, so we couldn’t pass up the 2-for-1 offer ( it expires on December 12). It’s a fun place, with loud music, bright LCD screens, and friendly staff. I’ve always thought it miles above Wok Box – give it a try some time!

Oodle Noodle

Mack is thrilled to be at Oodle Noodle

Oodle Noodle

Penang Laksa and Combo Box

corso 32

Corso 32, coming soon!

  • Browsing at Chicken Scratch on Whyte Ave over the weekend, Mack and I came across a hilarious toy – who would win?

Chicken Scratch

Will it be Mr. Bacon or Monsieur Tofu?

Have a great week, everyone!

7 thoughts on “Food Notes for December 6, 2010

  1. I don’t think that Oodle Noodle opened on time. I’m pretty sure that they were originally aiming for late October (I seem to recall them mentioning this date on Twitter), so they were actually 2 months behind schedule.

  2. Natalie – it’s a little hidden under the awning, so easy to miss :).

    FoodieMcPoon – no problem! Always nice to get a deal.

    Adam – you might be right about that. I think I was remembering their update that they would be open on Friday…then seeing that they were still in construction mode on Wednesday. So, on time for their second date, then!

  3. Have you noticed that Wok Box has a new menu and is under new ownership? They have a full gluten free menu, and a vegan menu, and a lot of their dishes have been reworked to be tastier and healthier. Oodle Noodle has only 1 vegetarian dish (the rest have fish sauce) and no gluten-free options. While I was on the Oodle Noodle side for a long time, since Wok Box’s turn-around I have to say they win on all counts! I like the downtown location at Jasper and 101.

  4. Virtual.Jess – I should admit I haven’t been to Wok Box in years, so no, I haven’t seen/tried their new menu. Good to know though – the new management might help too, as service during my previous visits were less than friendly.

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