Culinary Highlights: 2009 Edition

Scanning my posts from the past year, I was reminded again of how fortunate I am to be a part of a great culinary community in Edmonton and to have experienced (and eaten!) what I did in 2009.

So as in years past, here are a few of my culinary highlights from 2009, in no particular order:


Food: Today, Tomorrow, Together organizers


Pigs at Nature’s Green Acres


The greenhouse at Greens, Eggs and Ham


Me and Mack with our potato bounty

  • Attending my first ever Indulgence, and finding out that the evening really does live up to its name.


My favourite dish of the night – a Carmen Creek Ranch slider, prepared by Botanica


Wild Boar and Beer 2009


With the bell that I got to keep

  • Doing a lot of cooking (at least for me), including one of my favourite dish discoveries, cassoulet.


Mark Bittman’s version of cassoulet with lots of vegetables

With Chef Rob Feenie (Mack made me take the photo)

Mack occupies POTUS’s seat at Ben’s Chili Bowl

Melt-in-your-mouth gnocci at Proof

Jessie Radies of The Blue Pear, one of the three people I interviewed for the story


  • Attending two Foodie Meetups, and getting to meet some of the wonderful local food bloggers in person.


Foodie Meetup #1  at Blue Plate Diner

 Foodie Meetup #2 potluck at Dawson Park

  • Continuing to find diners to love – and still hoping for more of them in Edmonton.

Stuffed French toast from Dairy Lane in Calgary

Here’s to more eating in 2010!

6 thoughts on “Culinary Highlights: 2009 Edition

  1. Hoping you will have more foodie tweetups this year and that I will be able to come to one. Go #yegfood !

  2. How did I miss your Rob Feenie article? Where did you publish that! I would DIE to meet him. How did that happen – lucky you! I will check out your link when I get home…- and I missed your FIRST article with The Vue, too… what a year, Sharon!
    (hope you got my e-mail about my new site launch…
    Are you coming saturday???? HOPE SO!

  3. I’m glad you take lots of pictures. Fun to read.

    My culinary highlight this year was to dine with you a few times to see how you grab shots of everything before you eat. 🙂

  4. habanerogal – I hope there will be more foodie meetups as well!

    Chris – I agree – good times!

    Valerie – it wasn’t an article so much as a post. I linked to it just above my picture with Chef Feenie. I did see your new website too, it looks good!

    Diane – heh, yeah, I’m sure you would get used to it after a few more meals :).

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