Food Notes for July 20, 2009

The City Centre Market has invited me to kick off market day this Saturday, July 25 by ringing a bell up and down the lines of stalls. Past “bellringers” this year have included Mayor Mandel and Geoff Linden of Credo Coffee. I’m so honoured to have been asked, and excited for the opportunity! Now on to this week’s food notes:

  • Liane Faulder broke stories about two new restaurants in the works. First, Nate Box, formerly of the Sugar Bowl, will be launching a new eatery in October in the space currently occupied by Hulbert’s, which is closing in July. Look for a menu featuring local food.
  • Liane also posted today about Health Fare’s second location in the Adecco Building downtown. It will be a fantastic location for them, and the best thing? They will support ordering via text messaging.
  • Scott McKeen wrote a story about Credo Coffee and Axis Cafe – will 104th and Jasper become a great coffee juncture in Edmonton?
  • This New York writer is so over cupcakes. Though Edmonton is far from cupcakery-saturation, I know some in the city are feeling like their patience for cupcakes is waning.
  • Tim Horton’s has moved into the U.S. How will Americans warm to the Canadian institution?
  • At Superstore last week I spied a new culinary-focused publication called The Food Magazine. With Bon Appetit and Gourmet struggling to stay afloat, it’s rather gutsy for the magazine to launch at this time. That said, it’s focus on well-known stars of the food world does match with the public’s increasing thirst for cooking stories and techniques from chef-turned-celebrities.
  • Bazaar asked an interesting question – are there certain products you feel you cannot buy generic? Heinz ketchup and Kraft peanut butter are two for me.
  • Mack and I had a quick dinner at Elephant & Castle before Food, Inc. last week. I haven’t been there in a while, but boy, was the food disappointing. Mack’s plate of fish and chips was lined with an admittedly novel E & C “newspaper”, but that was nearly all that was good with his dish. The gravy atop my chicken pot pie was a mistake – it made the potentially crispy crust soggy all the way through.


Fish and Chips


Chicken Pot Pie

  • My coworker offered to split an order of food from the African Somali Restaurant (101, 10610 105 Street, 780-423-6614) about a block away from our office on Friday. I have never been there (my usual haunts are in Chinatown), but I have to say it was quite good. This was my first experience with goat – stewed, it had a mild flavour but a texture similar more to beef than anything else. The “Somali rice” was really the star of the show though – my coworker said it had been soaked, cooked with a number of spices, then finished in the oven. Whatever the technique, it was delicious.


Goat, Somali rice and salad ($12)

11 thoughts on “Food Notes for July 20, 2009

  1. Always thought that cupcakes were perfect for one purpose only; your daughter takes a raft of them to school for someone’s birthday. Cupcakes are like Twix…they’re for kids. They are twee. They are like playing with dolls cause you can dress them up but like Barbies, they are pretty much all the same.

    I love the pastries and the rest of the baked goods universe but put it this way..if baked goods were meat, cupcakes would be Vienna sausages.

    And agree re the food at EandC…when they don’t have a sports event going on it can be a great place for a pint but the new menu is a definite step down…for me the fish and chips have to be at Billingsgate.

  2. Speaking of Tim Horton’s, I hear you can get TH coffee in Ireland. You know how you can get the “proudly brewing Starbucks Coffee” here at places that aren’t Starbucks? Same thing in parts of Dublin.

  3. Fantastic and congrats, 9Am Saturday it is!!!

    Total bummer about the pot pie. They should have supplied a mini gravy boat, so you could crack the crust first and apply what gravy you needed.

    Heinz ketchup for sure.

  4. Hulbert’s is closing? Nooo!

    That’s really sad to hear. They must have been given an incredible offer, given that they were doing quite well. That said, I’m not sure why Box purchased the business if he’s not going to keep the same format? Why not open up somewhere else?

    If it’s anything like the Sugarbowl, the new place is going to be a disappointment. But, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’ll be great.

  5. Adam – I’m sure the location has something to do with it, but if anything, new restaurants get people talking – always a positive thing in my book!

  6. Congratulations on being chosen as this Saturday’s bellringer Sharon! Tres cool!

    Regarding pub food – I met some friends at O’Byrne’s last Friday and was quite impressed with their grub. I had a lovely Cobb salad and we also shared the salmon spread and Irish soda bread appetizer. It was all delicious…especially when washed down with a frosty pint!

    I can see why they were the recipients of the 2009 Best Of Edmonton Awards for both ‘Best Patio’, ‘Best Pub Food’ and ‘Best Chicken Wings’.

  7. Thanks Dajana!

    I don’t think I’ve ever been to O’Byrne’s. They do look like they have a nice patio though!

  8. Somali rice is fragrant and flavorful. The secret is that the whole spices.


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