Plugging away at this blog, juggling restaurant reviews, staying afloat of local culinary news, and maintaining my kitchen experiments have almost become an unpaid part-time job. But I love it.

I didn’t start this blog with the intent of narrowing the focus to all things epicurean, but it has become that way, and I have accepted my development into a full-fledged food enthusiast. And what better common ground than exercising one’s sense of taste? Food is disarming; it brings people together; but most of all, it facilitates memorable experiences. In blogging about restaurants and recipes, I hope that my excitement about the possibilities of food translate – dishes to gather around, places perfect for a specific mood or occasion, and events that incite a better appreciation for what the city has to offer.

As mentioned in my three hundredth post, it was no coincidence that my interest in food heightened right around the time that I began documenting my eating adventures. What I didn’t realize until recently however, is how important of a role those around me have played in supporting my newfound appreciation for everything edible. From my diner buddy to my pho friend, Latin food connoisseur and Asian cuisine cheerleader, coworkers who never tire of my incessant ramblings, and all who have shared a kitchen with me, I thank you for humoring me with your interest, patience, and appetites.

The best thing about a personal blog, of course, is that I don’t have to limit my content. I do still enjoy commenting about the arts scene, and in particular, the wonderful plays staged by the theatre community. And so, despite the proliferation of food-centric posts, I will continue to think of myself as a blogger who simply happens to write often about food.

Onward to the next 500! Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “#500

  1. Congratulations! 500 is a big milestone, you should be very proud. Keep up the great writing!

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