“The Hills” are still alive

Before the third season of The Hills began, it seemed that this would indeed be the final season. Lauren’s clothing line launched a few months ago, and she vehemently claimed that her reality series was merely a stepping stone to her fashion career.

But as the finale approached, no one ever referred to the episode as a “series” finale. Today, we found out why – In Touch announced that The Hills has been renewed for a fourth season! As for Lauren’s coy quote, “I have some friends [on the show], some friends off,” we’ll have to see if The After Show‘s reported rumors are true – that Whitney will be replaced by Spencer’s sister, Stephanie Pratt as a “character”.

Other news from Hollywood:

  • Good timing: Kiefer Sutherland’s 48 day jail sentence for drunk driving couldn’t have begun at a better time. As the Writer’s Guild of America strike continues, filming for 24 has already ceased for several weeks. Smarten up, Kiefer. We may lovingly refer to you as a “man child”, but we certainly don’t expect you to act like one.
  • Eeee! The first teaser trailer for the upcoming Sex & the City movie was released today!

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