I Heart H & M

I was first exposed to H & M while in Toronto on vacation about this time last year. They had a great selection of both work and weekend wear for a reasonable price, and while some eschew their quality, I find their “disposable fashion” made of better material than its counterparts Forever XXI and to some extent, Zara.

I’ve visited the West Edmonton Mall location twice since it opened, and have been floored both times. In direct competition with Forever XXI, H & M trumps them in every category: the staff are numerous and friendly, the fitting rooms are innumerable, and the tills are speedy. Their merchandising by style is helpful as well, and I haven’t found it too difficult to locate duplicates of orphan items that have caught my eye. Lastly, I have come across some great deals – I picked up a short-sleeved wrap dress shirt for $20 less than the C’est Sera version I saw a few weeks ago.

So if you needed a reason to brave the crowds at WEM, you now have it.

One thought on “I Heart H & M

  1. H&M is growing on me. During my first visit there when it intially opened, I didn’t see anything there that I would have liked. My 2nd visit there this past weekend had more potential. I saw a few pieces of clothing that I liked. In fact, I ended up buying 2 halter tops. = )

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